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Dave, Owner & President

As owner and President of Eastern Garage Door, Inc., I have had the privilege of gaining 27 years of experience in the garage door business as the company's Financial and Operations manager. I am fully committed to carrying on the tradition of providing our customers with the best products and top quality service. Key to assuring we remain true to that pledge, I have assembled a phenomenal group of fellow employees who share that same commitment. You will notice a common theme, we have all been together a long time. That's a good thing!



Bob is old school. He has been in the business in excess of 30 years. First to arrive in the morning, he never needs to be told what to do, he just does it. Most days he is on a commercial crew but often will augment our residential service. He's simply a pro.


Certified Installer

With over ten years of experience, Fernando is our most accomplished Certified Installer, having been certified in residential, commercial, rolling doors, and fire doors. Fernando is in fact a Super Tech and is recognized as a "DOOR PRO" by the IDEA. He can do it all.


Service Manager & Scheduler

Often the first person you may talk with, Cheryl is our service manager and scheduler.  She makes every effort to meet our customers' service and installation requirements. She often helps customers solve service problems over the phone. Despite her hectic job duties, she is incredibly organized and amazingly nice. Cheryl has been in the organization 27 years.



J.C. is also a 10 year plus veteran of Eastern and is certified in both residential and commercial installation. His talents make him an exceptional residential installer. However, like all of our people, he is versatile and skilled in many aspects of the business.



Lauren is the face of the organization. She is our primary field sales person and is the one who gets to meet our customers first. She has the product knowledge acquired over 12 years in the business, as well as the natural eye for design. She will find you the right door, not only with the best utility but also the best curb appeal. Did I mention she has a fantastic personality as well?



Clay is also a 10 year plus veteran of Eastern and is certified in both residential and commercial installation. He is uniquely skilled in the residential service end of our business and enjoys the variety of challenges he encounters each day solving problems. He cares.

Eastern Garage Door, Inc.

Eastern Garage Door, Inc. is a leading provider of residential and commercial garage door repair and installation services for the greater Merrimack Valley.

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