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When automobiles started becoming more popular in the household during the 1930s, Eastern Garage Door recognized the growth and the immediate need to store these machines. Just as our founder stayed ahead of the curve back then, Easter Garage Door continues to anticipate what the garage industry in Newburyport, MA, needs now.

Garage Door Installation

Eastern Garage Door is the leading commercial and residential installation expert in Newburyport, MA. We apply old-school craftsmanship techniques to the modern technology of high-quality garage door products. Such expertise can only be found at a company that has been installing doors for 80 plus years. With our free residential and commercial door installation estimates, there is very little reason for you not to call us. Besides… once you see our work, you'll wish you would have replaced your door years ago!

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Residential Installations

You will have your pick of door style from Carriage House to sleek Modern Glass. Maybe Custom Wood is more your speed. If you are overwhelmed on where to start in the installation process, our experienced team will happily help you navigate the type of door you need. Installing a garage door into your home is an important decision. Not only will the physical aspect of a garage door be eye-catching, but the monetary value added to your home must be considered as well.

Commercial Installations

Our range of facilities we commonly service stretch from factories and warehouses to firehouses. The firm understanding of what is needed for non-residential doors is important as the list of considerations is vastly different versus a home. The role of energy-efficient doors, for example, is more impactful on a business's brand and yearly budget. Choose between Insulated Steel, Counter Doors, Windload-rated, Fire-load rate, and more! We are equipped to handle any commercial or industrial need no matter how specific the qualifications are.

Garage Door Service & Repair

While we only install products by best in class manufacturers, our technicians are trained and certified to handle any make and model of residential, commercial, or industrial overhead door products and operators. Our warehouse is a part of our 4000 square foot facility in Lawrence off I-495 and I-93 allowing our team to have the resources and response time to service Newburyport. A garage door breakdown can be a dangerous situation when handled improperly. Instead of attempting to fix the problem yourself or putting the repair off, give our professionals a call, and we'll have you back on your feet in no time.

Eastern Garage Door, Inc.

Eastern Garage Door, Inc. is a leading provider of residential and commercial garage door repair and installation services for the greater Merrimack Valley.

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